Sarah Chambers Chicago Teachers Union Contract

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If you look at this last primary, it showed not only the power of the CTU, but also the power of black youth organizations like the Black Youth Project 100. We killed this election โ€“ we won eight of the nine races in which we voted for it. It was especially important that we expel Anita Alvarez and anti-union representatives like Ken Dunkin. It shows our power. EVERYONE can see directly through this facade, but nothing is ever done, I llinois is a train accident waiting to happen, will not take long until there is a HUGE accident, thank you teachers and the union for your greed! On Wednesday morning, the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) announced that the preliminary agreement it reached with Chicago Public Schools (CPS) was ratified by 13,681 members (54%) in favor and 6,585 (26%) against, with 5,092 (20%) voting. Pre-kindergarten and special education teachers will now return to the classroom this Thursday, with waves of educators and students returning until all pre-kindergarten to Grade 8 educators and tens of thousands of their students are back in the classroom by March 8. It seems that all the discussions about teachers and unions cause a lot of vitriol. I think we`ve all been guilty at times in our comments (which makes things more vivid in my opinion), but like you, I believe that discussions should be aimed at finding solutions. Sometimes this means pointing out the opposition`s erroneous thoughts, but they shouldn`t have to get angry. Chambers is a Chicago Teachers Union leader who was part of a union delegation that visited Venezuela in 2019 and praised his socialist government.

On her social media accounts โ€” which were under Sarah4Justice before she removed them โ€” she repeatedly posted messages urging teachers to stay out of the classroom and thwart plans by Chicago school officials to reopen this week. Chambers` social media posts further undermined the already tarnished credibility of the CTU, which continues to present itself as an opponent of Lightfoot`s forced reopening, despite blocking teachers` collective action against murderous policies. In an effort to limit the damage, Chambers, who initially defended her actions, issued a statement of remorse and announced that she would “resign” from the CTU board, at least temporarily. Among the union leaders who supported the reopening plan was Sarah Chambers, vice president of the CTU zone, who later posted on social media: “I voted YES to the proposal because of the support of my school. This agreement is not what we DESERVE, but it is different from any union/district agreement I have seen in the United States. Chambers, a longtime co-chair of CORE, describes herself as a “socialist” and is regularly interviewed in Labor Notes and Jacobin, the DSA`s semi-official publication. Or they can chew mofongo on a big bowl and think of Sarah Chambers smiling in that big floppy hat by the pool and telling public school teachers not to go to school. Teachers are facing a political battle against the Democratic Party, which speaks on behalf of Wall Street no less than the Republican Party.

After handing over billions of dollars to big business, both sides plan to erode public education and other vital services. The struggle for the closure of precarious schools and the defense of lives must be combined with a political struggle against corporate-controlled parties and a socialist alternative to the capitalist profit system. To fight for this, we call on teachers to learn more and join the Socialist Equality Party. “I`ve tried many times to point out that Illinois` budget problems are the result of both Republicans and Democrats. Most of the commenters on this site do not know and cannot handle this fundamental fact. “This is wrong. Everyone agrees that both sides are responsible. But commentators here feel that you have given too much responsibility to the Republicans. They have been the minority party for nearly two generations, with occasional terms in the governor`s mansion. Constantly waiting on the Edgar ramp, which was passed nearly 30 years ago when Democrats controlled both houses of the legislature, misses the forest for. Read more ยป Yes.

Teachers came to this profession to improve the lives of students. The majority of our students are low-income. The teachers I know no longer see their students being abused like this. We cannot continue to see our schools dismantled. The campaign to defend the CTU Six not only mobilized teachers, but also won support from every corner of the city and country. Elected officials, parent and community groups, and unions around the world have supported these attacked teachers: what has happened in this city over the past month is the most damning revelation of the reactionary character of the pseudo-left`s “unionism for social justice.” Led by the Caucus of Rank-and-File Educators (CORE) faction, made up of members of the defunct International Socialist Organization (ISO), the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and other pseudo-left groups, the CTU has been the archetype of the unions for more than a decade, promoting middle-class identity politics as a cover for their betrayal. .

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