Share Purchase Agreement Key Points

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Certain meanings must be assigned to specific words in each contract to be accurate or to change the meaning of words commonly used in certain industries or contexts. Although some words or phrases may be defined in the body of a contract, all words or phrases whose meaning is critical or ambiguous or which require lengthy definitions or explanations should be included in the definitions section. This is especially useful for recurring words, phrases, or concepts. Each defined term must first be enclosed in quotation marks, so that it is clear that it is a defined term, in bold (so that it is easy to find) and the first letter of each defined word is capitalized, so that throughout the agreement it is clear that if the word is in such a capitalized form, it is actually a defined term and is less easily misunderstood (as happened in this article). For example, if “party” is a defined term that refers to a party to the agreement, it avoids confusion when the word “party” is used in lower case to refer to a party other than a party to the agreement. A share purchase agreement contains information about the company for which the shares are transferred, the seller and buyer of shares, which law covers the agreement, the type of shares sold and how many shares are sold at what price. This agreement also includes payment details, including whether a down payment is required, when full payment is due, and the closing date of the agreement This article focuses on the share purchase agreement. Even after the finalization of the sale of the shares, there may still be measures that should be taken on the basis of the agreement between the parties. These range from the settlement of an ongoing lawsuit against the company to the transfer of documents in favor of the buyer. All these measures can only be carried out when the transfer of shares has been successfully completed. The parties must clearly identify these measures and implement them after the transfer.

These actions are supported by the indemnification clause. The Contracting Parties reserve the right to modify this if necessary. In general, the clause for modifying a share purchase agreement defines the conditions and method of modifying the terms of the contract. This clause is essential because it generally avoids verbal changes, changes made without notice to other parties, etc. and ensures that any changes to the terms of the share purchase agreement are made in accordance with a defined and agreed process at the time of conclusion of the contract. Statements are statements of fact (past or present) at the time made and given to convince another party to enter into a contract or to take (or refrain from) any other action. A representation precedes and initiates the agreement and is usually information used by a party to decide whether or not to enter into a contract. A guarantee is a guarantee given to ensure that something is as promised, stays that way and is usually accompanied by a promise of compensation if the claim turns out to be false. This article deals with common terms and variations of an SPA, but is by no means exhaustive. Some transactions and companies from different industries require different conditions and are often the subject of extensive negotiations between the parties. This article does not take into account the laws of a particular jurisdiction, or antitrust or competition law considerations that may be relevant to certain M&A transactions.

In addition, PPS may also be controlled or influenced by existing shareholder agreements between the shareholders of a target company. Even if it has a direct impact on the sale and purchase of the shares in question, the operational clause of a share purchase agreement is usually the shortest and simplest clause of the contract. This clause is usually formulated in such a way that the buyer receives full ownership of the shares. It is also common for him to find that shares must be transferred freely and free of charge. The exact description of the shares that will be sold and purchased before and after the closing of the transaction is often set out in a schedule at the end of the agreement, such a schedule being mentioned in the respective clauses. A share purchase agreement itself is a private document and there is no need to file it with Companies House. However, you must inform Companies House of the change in ownership in the target company`s next annual report. The purchase contract makes it possible to contractually agree on a time when the representatives and guarantees must be correct.


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